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Why Automation Anywhere?

  • Single integrated automation platform, because you cannot achieve digital transformation by connecting islands of applications with islands of automation.

  • Easy to set up and use, when IT and dev resources are tight. Bots can be built in days. This includes provisioning, testing, updating directory services, creating and sending credentials and instruction to employees. Updates are web-based, fast, auditable and easy to trigger.

  • Cloud-native development, management, reporting environments, scalable to 1000s of machines.

  • Flexible pricing, for all deployment sizes

  • A gateway for AI. Use any AI framework you want, from the RPA platform

  • Summarize information for remote applications that cannot be accessed from employee homes, on a single screen

The Automation Anywhere Enterprise Cloud Difference

Automation Anywhere Enterprise Cloud

Web-based platform designed from the ground up as a cloud-native, end-to-end RPA-as-a-Service architecture

  • Efficient java-based microservices flexibility
  • Frequent, automatic product updates
  • Fastest cloud scaling delivered via the web


Point RPA tools with inflexible architecture:

  • UIPath: solution built on legacy Windows foundation and rigid client-server architecture slows down scale
  • Blue Prism: cloud-washed, C++ architecture with manual updates and very limited scalability

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