Go challenge yourself!

Football players train on a practice field. Dancers train in a studio. RPA developers learn and train against RPA challenge pages.

RPA Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to create a workflow that will input data from a spreadsheet into the form fields on the screen.

Beware! The fields will change position on the screen after every submission throughout 10 rounds thus the workflow must correctly identify where each spreadsheet record must be typed every time.

The actual countdown of the challenge will begin once you click the Start button until then you may submit the form as many times as you wish without receiving penalties.

Basic Login

A great place to start for anyone new to Automation Anywhere development. Many web applications used by bots require some sort of login – in this challenge page, developers are asked to do exactly that – just process a login. Correctly fill in the username, password, and click submit for the scoring modal to appear.

Username: [email protected]
Password: Automation123

Online Grocery Ordering

Learning to interact with both web objects and data sources is key to being a successful RPA developer. In this challenge, you’ll need to download the provided shopping list and add each item from the list to the shopping order before acknowledging the terms and submitting the order. Once the order has been submitted, the scoring modal will display your results.


Message Decoder

Automations will commonly make use of more than one application. In this challenge, a “hidden” message is provided in Bulgarian (hidden unless you are fluent in Bulgarian I guess). Extract the Bulgarian text from the Text to Decode field, and translate the text to English before entering it into the translated text field and submitting it. Note: There are multiple ways to solve this – just like there are multiple services/applications that provide language translation. While each translation may return a very slight difference in wording, the scoring model is set up to be flexible to the differences in those results. Consider how you might translate this text as a human – use Bing/Google translate? Create a bot that can do the same. Navigate to an online translator, fill the text, translate, and bring the translated text back to this app. Lots of ways to solve this challenge.

Customer Onboarding – Front Office

Almost all production bots will require some use of selection statements (if/else) and repetition (looping). In this challenge, new corporate customers need to be added to The Cable Co’s customer relationship management system. Download the new customers CSV and correctly enter the customer onboarding details for each new customer. Once all new customers have been added, the scoring modal will display your results.